Activities during the Year 2010 – 11
1. Organized Rally of Disability Rights:
One Rally on ‘Rights of the Disability’ has been organized on 20 June 2010 at Tisri. The resource person was Mr. Tenik Mahato (ADD INDIA, Banglore) delivered a speech to the audience at the end of the rally. 46 people participated in the rally.
2. Convergence with Govt. Departments on Disability issues:
One special meeting with Govt. Officials related to support to the Disable persons has been conducted on 22.5.10 at Tisri in which 36 persons participated. BEO, BDO, ADD INDIA Mr. Tenik Mahato has been participated as resource person.
3. Celebration of Child Labour Prohibition Day:
Child Labour Prohibition Day has been celebrated on 12 June 2010 in Tisri Center in which 62 people were participated. Mr. Rohit Roy delivered a speech on ‘Combating Child Labour’ in the area.
4. Public Hearing
The Jan Sunwai (Public Hearing) has been organized on 8 Sept. 2010 at Tisri in which 350 people were participated. Mr. Asoke Kumar facilitated the hearing. The people raised various questions on Government schemes and the Block/Panchayet officials clarified the questions to the participants.